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It has long been accepted that constant change is fundamental to IT. The need for specific IT governance standards to businesses and organizations are critical in building the underlying conformity-assessment infrastructure necessary to harmonize standards and regulatory requirements across borders.

There are a variety of definitions of governance in general and IT governance in particular. The Australian Standard for Corporate Governance of ICT, defines Corporate Governance of ICT as " The system by which the current and future use of ICT is directed and controlled. It involves evaluating and directing the plans for the use of ICT to support the organisation and monitoring this use to achieve plans. It includes the strategy and policies for using ICT within an organisation. "

Many organizations struggle with that blueprint. It's not simple for IT to define its goals, position services and the need for constant evolution, and then communicate its capabilities and services to its line-of-business customers.

IT Governance Institute on the other hand, expands the definition to include underpinning mechanisms: " … the leadership and organisational structures and processes that ensure that the organisation's IT sustains and extends the organisation's strategies and objectives.

The International Association of IT Governance Standards (ITGOVS)'s mission is to champion and lead in the adoption, deployment and development of Information Technology standards for the social and economic betterment of global organizations.

It sets out to advance knowledge of, and insights into, all aspects relating to IT standards and standardization, by providing an information outlet for the extremely diverse community of standards researchers.

All objectives of the standards are to assure the IT operations support and do not hinder evolving business strategies while minimizing costs and delivering needed services.

These standards will improve the agility, value, and innovative capabilities of their development organization, be it in the development new products, software development, new service creation and many other services.

ITGOVS main focus is to :

Create Awareness – Through IT standardization efforts by communicating as well as demonstrating the value of standards by capturing the governance requirements needs of the organization.

Collaboration & Execution - To strengthen collaboration and engagement with the varied industry as well as to drive standards development and facilitate its implementation.

Implement – To determine the measures and targets of effectiveness of the governance solutions and roll out the governance solution to the organization in stages. Specify the decision rights, measures, and policies to be applied to those processes under governance

Assess - Determine if the governance solution is meeting its effectiveness targets and suggest the appropriate adjustments and to analyze shortfalls.